We build leadership capacity of our members. By attending our leadership workshops you can become an exceptional individual.


  • TechWomen provides training and education to enhance the employability of its members. TechWomen exposes its members to the rapidly transforming technology landscape across various fields. The network members conduct research about various technological devices, services and trends. They code to develop applications, databases and provide technical skills and services to their peer members, taking into account various education levels and work fields. It equips the women with a set of achievements, skills, understandings and personal attributes that makes them more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations which benefits themselves, the workforce and the community. They are given the opportunity to do internships, do volunteer work and be instructed in report writing, CV writing, presentation, interview skills, and other relevant skill sets. The members are asked to demonstrate their abilities at assessment events to ensure they have achieved the desired proficiencies.

Upcoming Training Workshops

Women in technology social and private sectors development leadership training

Hands on workshops for leadership development methodology

Visioning, Motivation, Inspiration

Decision Making, Analytical skills

Negotiation, Conflict Management